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The Greatest Challange and Adventure in Human History --- The Job One For Humanity Plan

What is The Greatest Challenge and Adventure in Human History?

In addition to the previous Five Great Extinction Events of biological pre-human history the human species itself has at least once previously almost gone extinct. Around 72,000 years ago humanity as a species almost came to a complete end in what has been called the Great Evolutionary Bottleneck.

About 70,000 BC the super volcano Toba erupted and blocked the sun for about 6 years. It also covered the earth with 6 inches of ash.

Because of this super volcanic eruption global temperature was dramatically lowered on top of the temperature lowering effects of an already existing Ice Age. In the cold and darkened skies humanity as a whole was reduced down to as little as 1,000 breeding pairs. (Some research suggests even less super volcano eruption survivors made it, maybe as few as 200 pairs.)

This super volcano eruption is called an evolutionary bottleneck because the total early global human population went from an estimated 18-26,000 individuals to 2,000 or less individuals with reproductive capabilities. That is about a 90% reduction in total global population. If some other catastrophe would have occurred at the time of this mass population reduction such as a viral or bacterial epidemic or other natural disaster, humanity itself might not have made it through this population evolutionary bottleneck and would have gone extinct.

The Toba super volcano incident was up until now --- the greatest single challenge to the survival of the whole of the human species. Today we are facing a new and EVEN greater challenge and new and second great evolutionary bottleneck.

This Second Great Evolutionary Bottleneck is a bit different from the increasing colder temperatures of the first evolutionary bottleneck. It is being brought about because of an increasingly carbon and methane toxic atmosphere and their temperature warming effects.

These new atmospheric changes are being caused by human activity related carbon and methane pollution of our atmosphere.  This is commonly called the greenhouse effect caused by global warming. This escalating global warming and greenhouse effect is causing a massive global destabilization of our climate from its previously existing fairly stable temperature and weather range to some unknown new temperature and weather range that may not be suitable for the survival of anything close to the 7 billion plus people alive today. (For the first clear and concise definition of climate destabilization, click here.)

To prevent this Second Great Evolutionary Bottleneck or even a full extinction of the human race, we must collectively and immediately act. We can do this by becoming informed and active individual participants and by effectively and quickly resolving this new and greatest challenge and adventure of human history. The way that we have discovered that we can do this most effectively is presented fully within the Job One for Humanity Climate Re-Stabilization Plan described below. As you read the four Job One for Humanity Plan steps and the key climate facts that you will need to know (presented before the plan steps,) you will discover for yourself why climate destabilization caused by global warming IS the greatest single individual, and collective challenge and adventure in human history!

Introduction to the Job One for Humanity Climate Re-stabilization Plan

Our world is at a turning point; revolutions are happening everywhere, and the push for change is in the air. Yes, change is literally in the air. Human activity is causing carbon in the atmosphere to currently increase of 2 or more parts per million plus per year (ppm,) but this annual ppm amount has been growing exponentially compared to the beginning of the Second Industrial Revolution in the 1850's! We are now at just over 400 ppm (430 ppm if you include other pollutants like methane in the atmosphere.) If we continue with business as usual, it won’t be too long until we’ve reached 450 ppm (estimated as early as 2020 to 2030.) and we will go off the first climate destabilization cliff!

According to James Hansen, head of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies, 450 ppm of carbon in the atmosphere would correspond to a temperature increase of six degrees Fahrenheit in average global temperature in this century, and “the end of human civilization as we’ve come to know it.” With other well researched predictions projecting that if we cross any critical climate tipping points we could even reach 550-650 ppm of carbon in the atmosphere by 2050 (or even earlier, which could eventually lead to and result in as much as a 12 degree Fahrenheit global average temperature increase sometime before the end of the 21st century. These even higher temperature predictions would near certainly lead to the ultimate climate cliff of irreversible climate destabilization leading to the Second Great Evolutionary bottleneck and a potential extinction level event for up to half the species on Earth including most of humanity.)

We have just crossed one of those very dangerous tipping points in May of 2014 when scientists discovered that the West Antarctic Ice Shelf has gone into an irreversible escalating melt. (Click here for more information on the first ice shelf tipping point in the climate chain being crossed.)

Now is the time to accept the greatest evolutionary challenge and adventure in human history and get prepared for what is coming, harness the evolutionary energy that is sweeping the world and adapt in order to preserve as much of this planet as is possible and to preserve humanity’s very existence. If we do not radically curb our human-caused greenhouse gas emissions NOW, we will go off the climate destabilization cliff and be dealing with dire and severe humanity threatening consequences that will affect us most of us soon and ALL of us in the not too distant future!

In fact, we are dealing with consequences already; storms are taking paths never seen before and they are becoming more severe of larger scale and more frequent. And according to Mark Lynas, author of Six Degrees: Our Future On a Hotter Planet, if global temperatures continue to increase—even just two degrees Celsius—it would mean that “Miami would disappear entirely, as would most of Manhattan. Central London would be flooded. Bangkok, Bombay, and Shanghai would also lose most of their area. In all, half of humanity would have to move to higher ground.” Are we going to sit idly by and watch Earth’s various beauties sink and melt away in coming decades?

The effects of catastrophic climate destabilization are perhaps not so fully visible to all of us at the moment, but given enough time, they will be and will not be able to be ignored. If the Greenland ice sheet and other key Antarctic ice sheets melt completely, we all lose something and the planet's seal level rises by up to 8 meters (24 ft). This planet is full of so many treasures, treasures that we may not get back after they’re gone. So it is time for us to come together as global citizens in order to solve the problems associated with catastrophic climate change, ahead of time, before it’s too late. The planet wide project of resolving catastrophic climate destabilization with an effective plan is called Job One for Humanity. (For a concise definition of climate destabilization, click here.)

If we bring our energy, attention and intelligence to preparing and adapting to find the best remedial solutions to this complicated climate issue, we could also resolve many of the other secondary problems humanity faces in the process. But if we fail to deal with the exponentially increasing amounts of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere and go over these critical climate cliffs, we won’t be doing much of anything at all. For, according to Mark Lynas, if we let our planet’s temperature increase by as much as six degrees Celsius, (about 12 degrees Fahrenheit,) “it would cause a mass extinction of almost all life and probably reduce humanity to a few struggling groups of embattled survivors clinging to life near the poles." Thus, it’s time to make things better—not just to reverse the worst, but to really make everything better—for everyone on this planet...

Two Basic 10 minute Videos on Human-Caused Catastrophic Climate Destabilization (formerly know as Global Warming,) that Illustrate why Job One for Humanity is a Life-Critical Project

Critical Video 1: The Most Terrifying Video You'll Ever See Version 2. It is a phenomenal, 10-minute-long video that examines the arguments of the deniers and critics and the arguments of the supporters of the facts surrounding catastrophic climate destabilization, allowing you to come to your own conclusions.  At the end it quickly and brilliantly summarizes what will happen to us if we do not fix the catastrophic climate destabilization issue and rise to the greatest challenge and adventure in human history. The version 1 of this video has been view 6 million times, and is made by the same person. 



Critical Video 2: Wake Up, Freak Out - Then Get a Grip is 11 minutes long. It gives a basic yet detailed animated explanation of what is actually happening to destabilize the global climate as well as how it is happening. Pay particular attention to the animation's excellent explanation of the various critical climate tipping points. This video has been viewed over a million times and has been translated into 22 different languages. (For more about why knowing these climate tipping points is so critical, click here.)

(Please note that although the above animation sometimes subtly presents a polarized viewpoint of us against them [that is, us against the vested interests, corporations and heavily lobbied governments,] it is still a well done animation that does an amazing job of explaining the basics of how and why catastrophic climate destabilization is unfolding. (Please note: Our community of Evolutioneers accepting the challenge and adventure of the Second Great Evolutionary Bottleneck does not promote polarizing or dualistic approaches because we try to see things from the big-picture viewpoint of progressive universe evolution in which everyone and everything is learning from feedback and then either adapting and growing or breaking down and being recycled.)

Wake Up, Freak Out - then Get a Grip from Leo Murray on Vimeo.

Both videos above capture a good part of the "why we need to act NOW" essence and why this is truly the greatest challenge and adventure in human history of the Job One for Humanity message. If you are ready to look at the "First Things First" steps for how we can effectively resolve the greatest challenge and adventure in human history and begin to lessen catastrophic climate destabilization, click here. If not continue reading...

Yes, We're Talking About Falling off the Climate Cliff and Catastrophic and Irreversible Climate Destabilization Here, Not a bit of Climate Change or Global Warming

We along with a growing number of other nonprofit organizations and individuals have decided to stop using the terms global warming or climate change, as it is often confusing to the general public and simply not accurate enough in describing the situation that humanity now faces. Instead, when referring to this issue, we will use the term climate destabilization or catastrophic climate destabilization or irreversible catastrophic climate destabilization; this is the reality and potential of what we are really dealing with here.

The term global warming is problematic for several reasons. First of all, it leads people to believe that the whole world will be getting warmer. Yet as the average temperature of the planet increases, certain places will actually become colder. Some places may become warmer, it's true, but the problem is not just that our air conditioning costs will rise. We'll also be dealing with more frequent and more severe storms, which will take new pathways never seen before. Flooding will increase in certain places while severe drought and desertification will be the issue in others. In some scenarios, global "warming" could even lead to a new ice age.

Sea levels could rise considerably more than 2 meters this century and we could see storm surges like nothing we have seen in thousands of years. Of the 7 billion people on the planet only a few hundred million may eventually be left living near the poles if we ignore the warnings of science on this issue.

Thus, the climate cliff, climate destabilization or catastrophic. irreversible or extinction level climate destabilization are the terms we use as they most accurately reflect what is already happening and what will continue to happen in the near future with increasing severity, scale and frequency unless we take dramatic, planet-wide action immediately! Resolving the climate destabilization cliff IS Job One for humanity because it is the single most important task in all of human history! To see all of the other compelling reasons to stop using the terms global warming and climate change and only use the above climate destabilization terms, click here.

Far More than Just an Environmental Issue, Global Warming and its Consequent Climate Destabilization is Now the Most Serious National Security, Safely and Prosperity Issue for the Whole Planet

"You cannot be called an alarmist if there really is something to be alarmed about." Unknown

Global warming and its consequent climate destabilization may have started out as an environmental issue 35 years ago, but global warming due to fossil fuel carbon pollution of the atmosphere has now gone far beyond that. It is now the single biggest threat to our global security, safety and financial prosperity.

On the security side, continuing global warming and climate destabilization will create massive and escalating desertification, deforestation, food and resource depletion, ocean fish stock depletions, increasing droughts, sea rise, super storms, wildfires, ocean reef collapse and water pollution. This will increase and magnify public uncertainty, poverty, economic instability and political instability leading to more war and massive population migrations which then further increases poverty, economic instability and political instability leading to more war and massive migrations in an ever increasing positive feedback loop until we finally get serious about mitigating global warming or, civilization as we know it collapses and reforms into who knows what.
On the safety side, it is not just about maintaining and stabilizing the food, water and energy security for the future. It is now about the long term security, safety and stability of our economic, political and social systems. This is because of the many converging, amplifying and whipsawing national and global challenges that humanity now faces.
These many challenges are first multiplied and then amplified by climate destabilization and then once again by the additional challenges of economic instability, peak oil, water pollution, desertification, deforestation, rising seas, super storms, wildfires, over population, food and resource depletion, ocean fish stock depletions, increasing droughts and ocean reef collapse. These things while bad enough in themselves also produce the safety-destroying cycle of increasing poverty, political injustice, political instability and more war. The current convergence of these national and global challenges whipsawing off each other and amplifying each other creates the greatest safety and security challenge that the world has ever known.
On the prosperity side, it is not about creating the same kind of ecologically-blind prosperity that has taken not enough of the planet's population into prosperity. It is also now about creating a new kind of truly sustainable prosperity that will not just expand the benefits of prosperity to far more of the planet's population it will also make that prosperity far more sustainably lasting and meaningful.
The various parts and steps of the new Job One for Humanity Climate Re-stabilization Plan (see full plan from link at bottom of page,) will take you to these new ways of seeing and solving the security, safety and prosperity climate cliff challenge before us. First and foremost think of all the parts and steps below as the most basic things that we now need to do to stay safe, secure and expand prosperity! The next section on this page will take you to these new ways of seeing and solving the climate cliff challenge before us.
If you are not quite convinced yet check out the simple science behind the two biggest climate shockers and how they can effect your and your family's future planning, click here.
Additionally, please note that we will always quickly amend or update our climate destabilization and Job One Plan information any time more current or reliable new climate research becomes available. We acknowledge that based only upon the current state of the existing climate research we could be partially or completely wrong in any of The Job One Fro Humanity research and plan conclusions concerning future levels of climate destabilization, its likely timetables or, its future consequences. Because of this we also invite you to do your own independent climate fact verification and make up your own minds as to the validity of our Job One Plan conclusions regarding the future of climate destabilization and what must be done NOW.

The Job One for Humanity Climate Re-stabilization Action Plan

In the Link Below You Will Find the Things You Can Do To Help Prepare for, Adapt to and Lessen Human-Caused Catastrophic Climate Destabilization

Humanity and the planet are facing its biggest challenge --- increasing levels of human-caused cataclysmic climate destabilization, but together we can prepare for it, adapt to it and, with the appropriate new carbon laws, technologies and personal actions, we can not only lessen its effects we can reverse it before it becomes irreversible! By managing climate destabilization and the climate cliff we will create a real future for both ourselves today and for future generations. (For a concise definition of climate destabilization, click here.)

To find out the most important things that you can do and begin right now to help manage, resolve and slow the human-caused climate destabilization taking place, click here and you will find a prioritized Job One for Humanity individual and collective climate re-stabilization action plan here.

For the Full Prioritized Job One for Humanity Individual and Collective Climate Re-Stabilization Action Plan Steps, Click Here. (This is the ink to our detailed four part "what you can do now" Job One for Humanity Plan Steps and critical climate facts. It is laid out as an easy to read online booklet where at the bottom of each page are links to the next page in the Jo One for Humanity online booklet)

For other related Job One for Humanity information and the reasoning behind why our community of life, spirit and sustainable prosperity has made Job One for Humanity our main social betterment program click this Job One for Humanity link.