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Evolution Spirituality has Evolved into Being

Not only was the observation of the universe the source of the first spirituality and religion, it is also the source of our oldest spiritual and religious practices. Because of the re-integration of today's cutting-edge sciences (particularly evolutionary sciences,) the master and meta-frame of our evolving universe has once again become a "new," common and omni-denominational objective source for both re-aligning and expanding personalized spiritual practice and for revitalizing existing religions.

The universe's own evolutionary process is now doing what no religion on the planet has previously been able to do --- namely to evolve an objective, personal and universe-grounded meta-spirituality and new moral and ethical within the new Evolution Spirituality (AKA Universe Evolution Spirituality or Universe Spirituality.) Evolution Spirituality uniquely balances and integrates humanity's current sciences with humanity's most life-affirming heritage of spiritual wisdom.

"A religion that stressed the magnificence of the universe as revealed by modern science, might be able to draw forth reserves of reverence and awe hardly tapped by traditional faiths. Sooner or later, such a religion will emerge."  Carl Sagan

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Lawrence Wollersheim