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Essential Climate Info 2: Climate Destabilization Worsens Our Biggest Global Challenges by Amplifying Them and Making Them Far Harder to Resolve


Climate destabilization affects our biggest global challenges by making them into even bigger challenges and harder to solve.

Those key global challenges are:

Global Challenge 1, Resource Depletion: Fueled by overpopulation and climate destabilization, we have now (or soon will have), increasing food shortages. Ocean fish stocks are suffering catastrophic losses. We will also be soon facing energy shortages caused by the early attainment of peak oil. Depleting our resources also act to increase global poverty, which helps cause the next global challenge.

Global Challenge 2, Global Economic Instability: the previous challenge also acts in concert to increase global poverty, economic instability, economic inequality (conflicts between rich and poor), and to produce rising national deficits. National deficits are rising in many countries in unsustainable ways. These deficits are happening to try to stay up with the escalating costs of all of the growing global challenges. Even worse, these ballooning national deficits are moving us ever closer toward an eventual bursting global financial bubble.

Global Challenge 3, Political Instability in Countries with Low Management Capabilities and Low Resource Resilience: The above global challenges plus increased political instability act in concert to further increase the likelihood of more wars, terrorism, and political injustice.

Global Challenge 4, Global Pandemic: As the above resilience-reducing global challenges (including climate destabilization get worse, this also increases the probability of a global health pandemic. (This is due to existing or new diseases being poorly treated, the mobility and migration of world populations, or the overall deterioration of global health services as the stew of all of the global challenges listed above comes to a global warming amplified boil.)

Why Climate Destabilization Should Now be Considered to be the Single Most Dangerous Challenge to Our Immediate Future!

Climate destabilization is the most dangerous challenge because it is the largest single keystone multiplier of the other huge problems caused by the global challenges above! It is the most immediate and probable meta-trigger for a chain reaction of simultaneous whipsawing e catastrophes and system collapses involving the other challenges above.

Because of the combined meta-triggering, multiplying, and whipsawing effects of climate destabilization on humanity's other critical global challenges, climate destabilization is also the most likely current catalytic source for what could very well turn out to be the greatest planetary destruction, loss of human life, and tragedy in all of human history!

Take a moment to reflect on these climate and related ideas and then ask yourself the following question:

"Do you too believe that escalating levels of climate destabilization could trigger, multiply and whipsaw almost all of the above other global challenges into an unrecoverable Perfect Storm of Perfect Storms?"

No matter what level of bad climate news may happen, the good news is that a destabilized global climate will eventually seek to establish a new dynamic equilibrium of temperature and other climate qualities. The only problem is that this new fairly-stable climate dynamic equilibrium may not be a climate that favors the ongoing survival of the human species.

If you are under 30, there is unfortunately another global challenge that you face more so than those who are older than you. Click here to see that additional global challenge.

The Local, National, and International Security Implications of the Job One for Humanity Plan

Global warming and its consequent climate destabilization may have started out as an environmental issue 35 years ago, but global warming due to human-caused fossil fuel carbon pollution of the atmosphere has now gone far beyond just an environmental issue. It is now the single most destructive, imminent, and real threat to our national and international security, global financial prosperity, and personal safety. It truly bears repeating. (If you have not read the definition of climate destabilization, click here.)

On the prosperity side, it is not about creating the same kind of ecologically-blind prosperity that results in cycles of boom and busts that grow ever more severe and closer together in high-low oscillation time lags (which is a system's science classic warning signal of a system equilibrium and stability collapse). It is about a new kind of sustainable prosperity--one that will expand benefits of to far more of the planet's population it will also while also making that prosperity far more stable, lasting, and meaningful.

On the safety side, it is not just about life essential food, water, energy, and resource security for humanity's future. It is now about the safety, stability, and security of our interconnected global and national economic, political, and social systems.

There is no sense in being indirect or vague in discussing a true life and humanity-critical situation. Therefore, the simple two-part mission goals of the Job One for Humanity climate re-stabilization plan is to:

1.) prevent human civilization from collapsing due to the destabilization of its climate system and consequently its many other global support systems (natural ecosystems, economies as well as social and political systems). And,

2.) prevent humanity and non-human species from suffering needlessly and/or going extinct or going nearly extinct.

The real and growing climate destabilization, systems collapse, and extinction potential above is due to the converging, amplifying and whipsawing positive feedback loops and tipping points within the catastrophic consequence chains of global warming, which is itself is caused by fossil fuel burning.

"We'll lose more species of plants and animals between 2000 and 2065 than we've lost in the last 65 million years. If we don't find answers to these problems, we're gonna be victims of this extinction event that we're at fault for." --Paul Watson

This climate re-stabilization plan is designed to help you prepare  and adapt by effectively confronting and dealing with the growing possibility of extinction-level climate destabilization and its catastrophic social, financial, environmental and political precursor consequences. (Extinction level here is defined as the projected potential extinction of approximately half or more of the species on earth and most [60-90%] if not all, of humanity. Irreversible climate destabilization, whenever used, is defined as severe climate destabilization consequences that could take hundreds or even thousands of years to correct or re-balance--or never correct or re-balance.)

The four parts of the Job One for Humanity Climate Re-stabilization plan linked in this online booklet will take you to these new ways of seeing and solving the economic prosperity, safety, and security climate cliff challenge before us. Yes, the various steps of this plan will take a lot of effort, pain and sacrifice, but as you learn more, you will also realize "what other choice do we really have?

It is now time to take a candid and deeper look at the current state of the climate in the following sections. In another later Benefits of Global Warming section you will learned more about a stable climate and what makes unstable climates. (If you are curious or want to review that climate stability information now, click here.)

To continue reading in this Job One for Humanity booklet, click the links to the right or left below. Click the UP link to see all of the linked pages in this booklet at the bottom of that page.