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159K For a 4 Bedroom San Francisco Waterfront Home: Affordable, Beautiful, Fun & Outside the Box.

There are not many times that you will ever find an on-the-water, affordable, 4 bedroom 2,000 sq ft home value with spectacular views located in greater San Francisco just 20 minutes from the city...

At $159,500 the luxury, houseboat and tri-level legal live aboard yacht called the Creative Spirit is just such a unique affordable housing value and greater SF nontraditional home/investment opportunity.

Click on the photo below to start a 20 photo slideshow tour of the property. Video tour and more property details farther down the page.


 It is truly an extraordinary home property value and opportunity because:
1.) it is 1/2 to 1/3 the cost of what a traditional San Francisco Bay area home in a similar location with similar features would cost. 
2.) it is a 4 bedroom, 3 bath, 3 level almost 2,000 sq. ft. enclosed full home with multi-million dollar views in a location that is a fast and easy commute to the SF city center.
3.) its location in a spectacular sunny and warmer micro-climate known as the “French Rivera” of the SF bay area, (Your living outside of the bone-chilling months of fog of the city (or Sausalito or Emeryville,) yet still just minutes away from the city when you need to be there.)
4.) it is a rare, fully-legal live aboard on an even rarer end-of-the-dock slip with amazing, unobstructed and million dollar 360 degree views of bay bridges, surrounding hills and local islands from a beautiful, locked and secure marina. (An empty legal live aboard yacht slip over 38 ft in the San Francisco Bay area is so rare that you either have to buy the yacht with the slip or go on a waiting list that is usually from 5-7 years long --- if the marina even has a live aboard waiting list! The reason for this is that the government and the local environmental groups have set a fixed and never expanding number of live aboard slips in the bay of no more than 10% of the total slips in any marina. This makes the value of any legal live aboard slip far more valuable than any other slip in the bay area.) 
5.) it is beautifully and completely redone from when we acquired it; (new carpets, upholstery, counter tops, custom rear living room/salon full extension, fully covered fly bridge, almost all marine, water and electrical systems redone, rebuilt or upgraded.)
6.) it gives you the double benefit of a fully functional yacht as well as a houseboat and full time home without the negatives of San Francisco's tightly jammed houseboat marinas where views are mostly obstructed and noise from tightly packed neighbors on all sides of you can be a real peace and quiet problem.
7.) it is a true and carefully designed, fully functional and multi-backup system emergency, survival and/or escape vehicle for natural or other disasters.
8.) it is full of unique green eco-features and healthy quality of life features not found in any other houseboat/yacht on the SF market or in the world that we know about. It is the largest solar power and water installation for a yacht of its size in the world!
9.) it is a home property that naturally supports great business or social entertaining, seeing the idea of a SF home from a completely new perspective, happy guests and lots of fun living right on the bay.
10.) It is a unique property type that you can easily manage from day one --- even if you have never owned a houseboat/yacht before.This is because the same reasonably priced maintenance service that has maintained and managed the property both at dock and on its many cruises for the last 8 years will continue to handle all these details if you like.
11.) It is an absolutely fabulous lifestyle choice for San Francisco. You are living right on the water with amazing unobstructed 270 degree sunsets and sunrises, the natural occasional sounds of seals and sea birds, the refreshing smells of the ever changing air over the bay, the very gentle sounds and motion of the bay, (the property is secure behind a breakwater barrier so sea sickness is never an issue,) the quiet and peacefulness because you are far from car and other normal city or suburban noises and the security of a gated community all of which creates a special experience that you and yours will never want to leave. (All of the homes on the hills surrounding our marina had to pay millions for the views you are getting for a fraction of the cost.)
12.) The maintenance company that has maintained it for the last ten years will continue doing so at a very reasonable rate. This means that even if you know nothing about yachts buying and maintaining this houseboat/yacht --- it will be easy to manage right from the first day. We have acquired almost every operations and repair manual for every system of the yacht and we have a log book that tracks all the maintenance done on the yacht since we have owned it. We will show you how to use the yacht and we will also will be available to answer new owner questions for 1 year after purchase.
13.) The area in front of the marina is being upgraded by the owners of two of San Francisco's most famous hotels. There will be 81 brand new luxury homes in the development a new location for a Whole Foods type market and two new parks created within the ongoing Loch Lomond marina development. (The Loch Lomond marina has been sold about 2 years ago to Woodridge Capital Partners by its previous owner, Oaktree Capital Partners. Escrow closed on March 19, 2013. Woodridge Capital Partners (http://www.woodridge-capital.com/management_ria), headed by its CEO Michael Rosenfeld, is a Los Angeles-based real estate investment and development company with hotel, residential and commercial assets throughout the United States. Rosenfeld and his partners have numerous hotel interests including the Fairmont San Francisco Hotel, the Fairmont Orchid Resort on the Kohala Coast of the Big Island of Hawaii, the Colony Palms Hotel in Palm Springs, and the Hotel Californian in Santa Barbara. More information can be found in a Marin IJ article titled San Rafael's Loch Lomond Marina sold to Los Angeles developer by Nels Johnson published on March 22,2013. Images of the proposed development can be seen both at the Lock Lomond marina office and in more detail on the wall facing west when you enter Andy's market located on the Loch Lomond Marina property.)
14.)  It is owned by our non-profit educational organization and its sale will help the organization expand its worthwhile sustainability education mission.
15.) We have a tenant on the Yacht who would love to stay on with the new owners or they can move off with 30 days notice if needed.
16.) If you have never driven a yacht this large no worries. We have used the same licensed captains and crew for 11 years and they are available to train you on how to handle this yacht yourself or, they can crew the yacht for you at a reasonable cost.
About the Ideal Buyer for this Property
The individual(s), partnership or corporation that becomes the new owner of this houseboat/yacht is looking for one or more of the following benefits:
1.) A spectacular luxury and fun full or part time home with amazing views at a small fraction of the cost of traditional San Francisco real estate!
2.) A home that will protect you and your family (or key executives,) as a safety or escape vehicle in an emergency caused by natural or other disasters (earthquakes, pandemics, economic or social instability etc. (According to the scientists, there is a 60% or greater probability that San Francisco will have another significant earthquake in the next 35 years.)
3.) A houseboat/yacht for business entertainment, meetings, presentations, short term employee housing or perks that can be rented out for income when not in use for business purposes.
4.) A vehicle and/or home or highly desirable short term vacation swap property that already reflects your green environmental and sustainability values.   
You can immediately view a video of this property by clicking on the link below. This video has details of the more unique features of this property at the end. (Please note: To accommodate a tenant to help us cover costs while we sell the yacht we have made changes that do not show up in this video. The tenant has turned the rear salon into a very large 4 th bedroom with a king size bed. This required us to remove two of the couches and big screen TV. Creating a master bedroom on one of the top two decks is the trend in most all new yachts.)

Extended Creative Spirit Yacht Tour from Universe Day on Vimeo.

The following is another video showing you how much fun this unique houseboat/yacht can be for business or personal entertaining and guests. It shows a cruise we did for Universe Day.  (The video does not show the new 4th bedroom configuration, which converts the large rear salon to a new windowed large master bedroom.)
More Details About the Creative Spirit Houseboat/Yacht
1.) The Creative Spirit is on a rare legal live aboard houseboat/yacht at the very end of an even more rare end-of-the-dock slip on a secure and locked dock. This end of the dock slip means that there are unobstructed breathtaking 360-degree bay views from the flybridge (top of the yacht,) and 180 degree unobstructed views from the other two levels of the yacht. At this location you will experience the spectacular SF bay sunsets and sunrises, amazing bridge views, tidal rhythms, the many birds and seals that regularly frequent the area near the yacht as well as the refreshing smells of the ocean and bay air.
2.) The houseboat/yacht has approximately 2,000 square feet enclosed. It has 4 staterooms, three bathrooms, 3 levels, a salon living room, a kitchen and covered fly bridge that seats 18. There are two showers in the 3 baths. 
It has undergone extensive remodeling and customization over the last 10 years. Every part of its interior has been redone with new counter tops, carpets, upholstery, custom shades and wall coverings. Throughout the yacht many lights were replaced with rheostat control lighting and all power outlets were brought up to GFI safety standards. The rear salon was extended and solar panels and a solar hot water panel were added so that the Creative Spirit now has the one of the largest solar application for a yacht/houseboat of its size in the world.
The kitchen dinette seats 4-6. The table has a small extension as well. The kitchen has many new energy efficient appliances. It has a GE dishwasher, a GE Profile convection oven and microwave, a Whirlpool Gold large refrigerator and a Forcio 4 burner electric stove top. The kitchen has also a top of the line water filtration system purifying water of all impurities down to 5 microns.
The fly bridge is fully covered with the highest quality canvas with lots of Eisenglass to facilitate the amazing views. There is a custom fiberglass table that seats 6. It also has 1 storage box on fly bridge.
The front salon has two couches and a work or serving desk/table. The front salon has huge windows for watching the birds and occasional seals that come right up to the side of the yacht. 
The rear salon has become a large master bedroom with a couch. It is also filled with large viewing windows filling all walls.
The front stateroom has two single bunk beds and its own ample closet, shower and bathroom. The bath has a full sized sink with lots of counter space. The bath has a Vacuflush toilet. There is storage space under the bathroom counter.
The mid-stateroom has its own bath a shared shower and two side-by-side singles. The bath has a full sized sink with lots of counter space. The bath has a Vacuflush toilet. This shared shower has a sitting bench making showering a easy experience. There is storage space under the bathroom counter.
The rear stateroom has its own bath, a queen sized bed and shares a shower. The bath has a Vacuflush toilet. The bath has a full sized sink with lots of counter space. There is storage space under the bathroom counter.

The following is another video showing you how much fun this unique houseboat/yacht can be for business or personal entertaining and guests. It shows a cruise we did for Universe Day. (Please note: This video does not show the new configuration of the 4th bedroom now in the large rear salon.)

If you have been looking at other houseboats, you usually have other houseboat neighbors within feet of you, obstructing views from many of your windows, hearing too much of what is going on in your houseboat or reminding you to lower your music, but with our amazing end of the dock location you either minimize these issues or eliminate them completely. This is a location with living space, room to be and unobstructed mega-views.
3.) The Houseboat/Yacht’s Eco Features:
The boat has been especially prepared for individuals sensitive to smells and allergies. Natural cleaning materials were always used and all toxic maintenance materials were stored off the houseboat/yacht. (We have a current mold and allergen test showing no problems.) Where ever possible non-allergenic or natural fabrics have been used in the interior upgrades. 
We have sealed and isolated all living areas from engine and fuel areas thus minimizing and eliminating normal houseboat/yacht mechanical and marine odors. 
Its additional water filtration system is state of the art removing all impurities down to 5 microns.
It has recycling bins and the marina has full recycling facilities.
4.) The Yacht/Houseboat Emergency Features:
The working yacht’s emergency features will allow the yacht to travel away from a San Francisco bay crisis or anchor out in the bay away from any turmoil for extended periods. With its extensive solar power it can function for extended periods at safe anchor without using its valuable diesel fuel that may be needed for travel or emergency energy generation.
1.) Two ways to generate and receive power: shore power and a 20 KW generator. 
2.) Three ways, to manage and/or create water: shore water, a brand new reverse osmosis water maker from seawater (never Used,) and 200 galleon water storage tank. (60 more galleons of emergency water are in our hot water heaters.) All drinking water systems except the water maker pass through our down to 5 micron super water filtration system. (The reverse osmosis water maker makes water even more pure than 5 microns.)
3.) Special additional large and somewhat hidden storage hold (approximately 15 ft wide by 4 ft high by 10 feet deep,) for a year’s supply of dried foods, essential fishing, crabbing and other needed food or emergency related supplies.
4.) 1100 gallons capacity for diesel fuel storage. This amount of fuel will take the boat approximately 600-900 miles depending upon speed. It will run the generator at anchor for a very, very long time.
5.) For added electrical and fire safety and as an upgrade for use with our state of the art solar power system all of the yacht’s outlets have been converted to reset grounded GFI outlets
5.) The Houseboat/Yacht’s Mechanical, Marine and other systems: 
The yacht is a 1972 Hatteras that has been customized into a full salon version. Hatteras is one of the oldest US recognized quality yacht builders. Hatteras is still in business and you can get parts when you need them. Hatteras Yachts are generally considered to be one of the top 5 quality yachts made today.
The draft below the waterline is 4 ft 6 inches, the length over all is 64 ft, the length at the waterline is 58 ft, the displacement 80,000 lbs. The beam (width of the yacht,) is 15 ft 10 inches and its max speed is 12 knots. This Hatteras model was designed by Jack Hargrave well known for his yacht designs.
The yacht has a Furano 25 mile radar, an Impulse 440 fish finder, a DanForth compass, a Ratheon Fathometer, an Ideal windless, a Panasonic VHF Marine radio, (2) 871 TI Detroit Diesels (650 hp ea.), a 20 KW Onan Generator, an unused reverse osmosis water maker, (4) CruiseAir Heater/Air conditioners, (46,000 BTU total,) a Seth Thomas clock and Barometer, a Benmar autopilot and (2) Racor fuel filters. 
6.) Decks, Cockpit and Other:
The yacht has an Anchor Electric davit, a 1985, 11.5 ft Boston Whaler dingy with a 25 HP Mercury motor. It has a 4 ft extended bow pulpit and two large storage boxes on bow. It has an 1100 gal Diesel fuel capacity, a 200 gal fresh water tank, a 120 gallon holding tank and a 50 gal oil change tank in the engine room. It also has two hi-tensile anchors, a dual chain rode with necessary switches and stoppers and 200 ft anchor chain.
7.) Special Equipment: 
Two water pumps (32V and 110V.) It also has a 6 person emergency auto inflate raft.
8.) Important Other Factors to Consider:
The houseboat/yacht is owned by a non-profit organization doing good in the world.
Legal, full-time live aboard marina slips for yachts this size are nearly impossible to find in the sunnier, warmer and less foggy Marin county side of San Francisco bay. Most people wait years to find one for yachts of this size. Having one that is also an end of the dock for maximum multi-million dollar SF bay views slip is even rarer!
9.) About the Marina and Dock Slip where the Creative Spirit Houseboat/Yacht is Kept
The houseboat/yacht located is in San Rafael just 23 freeway minutes north of central San Francisco. It is a 12-minute walk to the SF city bus system and a 13 minute drive to the famous San Francisco bay ferries. 
The houseboat/yacht is located on an 84’ locked dock and secure slip in the huge Loch Lomond marina (110 Loch Lomond Drive.) It is behind a breakwater so that you are not tossed around in the bay waves and it is very, very unlikely anyone will ever get seasick at the protected dock.
There is a large “Whole Foods” like gourmet grocery called Andy's in walking distance from the dock. There are many other great restaurants, coffee shops and services just 5 minutes away in the village of San Rafael. There are waterside parks in both directions from the yacht with about ½ mile. There are also golf courses and health clubs nearby.
There are nice and well-kept additional secure showers and bathrooms at the Marina offices as well as a good restaurant at the yacht club located right here at the marina. Large dock carts are available to make rolling your luggage and shopping items to and from the yacht easy. Free parking is located in a large lighted lot near the end of the dock. 
11.) The Yacht’s full specifications presented in a traditional way commonly seen by yacht owners:
Boat Name
Creative Spirit
LOA: 63 ft 0 in
Beam: 15 ft 10 in
LWL: 58 ft 
Maximum Draft: 4 ft 5 in
Displacement: 80000 lbs
Engine Brand: Detroit Diesel
Engine(s) Total Power: 650 HP
Engine Model: 8V71T1
Cruising Speed: 9 knots
Maximum Speed: 12 knots
Fresh Water Tanks: (200 Gallons)
Fuel Tanks: (1100 Gallons)
Holding Tanks: (120 Gallons)
Equipment by area:
Starboard Side Engine Room
Detroit 8V71TI engine with top mounted gauges
The starboard engine hours are listed at 15391, but I believe that gauge is not working. We believe the starboard engine is about the same 7400 engine hours as the port engine. each engine had about $35,000 worth of top end re-building about 400 hours ag
(In May 2013 we just completed $20,000 in engine full cooling system upgrades on both engines and inter-coolers including 1 new turbo.)
Fuel transfer valves
Racor fuel filter
2 water pumps, (32V and 110V.)
solar hot water tanks (25 gal,) 
Exhaust fan
Automatic CO2 engine fire quench system
Raw water strainers
Automatic bilge pump
Engine fuel selector and shut off valve
50 gal oil change tank
Port Side Engine Room
Detroit 8V71TI engine with top mounted gauges
The port engine has 7409 hoursFuel transfer valves
Racor fuel filter
Exhaust fan
Reverse Osmosis water maker (new)
Raw water strainers
Automatic bilge pump
Generator Compartment
20 KW Onan Generator 
2 - 32 volt battery banks for solar and ship power systems with battery disconnects
Exhaust fan
There is no hours meter on the generator.
Port and starboard sliding elm doors 
Air conditioning controls
Three way switch LED lighting with dimmers
Hydraulic engine controls
Full instrumentation
DanForth compass,
Fog horn 
Electronics, Furano 25 mile radar, an Impulse 440 fish finder, a  a Ratheon Fathometer, an Ideal windless, a Panasonic VHF Marine radio,
Cabinet to rears with flares and flare kik
Ships wheel
Manual fire quench controls
Rudder angle indicator
Lazarette area
Transom door
Swim platform 
Swim boarding ladder
Lazarette-hatch Fire quench Halogen exterior
Hydraulic steering system
Stainless steel sink with garbage disposal
Overhead LED lighting with dimmer
Fire and smoke alarm
Air conditioning vent 
115 volt  GFI receptacles and switches
Cabinets above fore and aft
Cabinets and drawers below
Exhaust fan
Four burner table top stove
Kitchen dinette seats 4-6. 
GE dishwasher, 
GE Profile convection oven and microwave, 
Whirlpool Gold large refrigerator,
Forcio 4 burner electric stove top,
Top of the line water filtrations system purifying water to 5 microns.
Console with wheel
Helm and companion seating
Cabinet storage below
Large compass
Main start/stop switches
Engine alarms
115V receptacle
Under console cabinets
Life ring w/ line
Electric davit for dingy,
Fly bridge is fully covered with canvas with lots of Eisenglass
Fiberglass table that seats 6 ,
1 storage box on fly bridge.
Front Salon
Front salon is full width with numerous windows
Air conditioning controls and three way switches for lighting
115V GFI receptacles
Large storage cabinets under couch and to rear,
Overhead Rheostat ceiling lights
TV and stereo
Rear Salon
Rear salon is full width with numerous windows
Rheostatic switches for lighting
rear salon contains 1 couch  
Master Stateroom Aft
Stateroom includes Vacuflush toliet
Stateroom occupies entire width of vessel
Queen bed new mattress with dust mite cover.
Reading lights and rheostatic overhead lighting
Opening light ports with blinds to port and starboard
Under bed and built in storage drawers,
Hanging locker forward with light
Entry door to companionway,
Port side head and powder room, Privacy door
Vanity with medicine cabinet
Storage cabinet under Corian counter with porcelain basin
Enclosed shower with light, opening light and port seat
TV and VCR
Front stateroom
Two single bunk beds and its own closet bath. 
The bath has a full sized sink with lots of counter space 
The bath has a Vacuflush toilet and shower.
Starboard side head and powder room, Privacy door
Vanity with medicine cabinet
Storage cabinet under Corian counter with porcelain basin
Shared shower with light, opening light and port seat
Two side-by-side single beds. 
The bath has a full sized sink with lots of counter space. 
The bath has a Vacuflush toilet. 
Vanity with medicine cabinet
Storage cabinet under Corian counter with porcelain basin
Enclosed shower with light, opening light and port seat
Decks, and Other
Anchor Electric davit, 
Bow Pulpit, 
Two large storage boxes on bow,  
Two hi tensile anchors,
Dual chain rode, switches and stoppers, 
200 ft anchor chain
Manuals and Logs:
We have all of the maintenance logs and almost every manual for every system on the yacht. To give you just a small idea how well the yacht has been cared for we have original keys for every door on the yacht.
Owner’s personal belongings, linens, art, our tools, dock landing stairs and some spare parts are not included in the purchase price.
We do have some items that we will make available for purchase at the sale or afterwards that could be used on this yacht that we have used on it previously --- such as, custom bedspreads, a marine BBQ, extra parts and supplies, etc.
Setting up a Showing and More about the Yacht Price: 
To help you with your final decision to set up a viewing of this special property we will email you the last property appraisal that was done, the current monthly budget that we use internally (that lists all monthly costs on this property,) and the last mold testing report that we did. This way you can see all of the costs and get the answers to many other questions that you may have before requesting a showing. We are being rather guarded in setting up new showings both because we have a tenant on a month to month lease in the property and we have had far too many people requesting a showing who were "just out to look at beautiful yachts" and/or who were not in any real way financially qualified to buy the property at this time.
Please be aware that the $159,500 price is firm! There is no owner financing available.
It is priced to sell "as is where is" without any tedious negotiations after your appraiser and surveyor inspections! We have already reduced the price several times from $375,000. The price is as low as it will ever go for such a rare property opportunity for the right type of buyer looking for secure, affordable housing, an easy 20 minute commute to the city and astounding natural beauty and peacefulness. (Almost $600,000 over the last 11 years in total has been spent acquiring and upgrading this one-of-a-kind houseboat/yacht. It even has 40 K in state-of-the-art solar power and solar water heating systems.)
After you have viewed the video, photos and info above and ONLY if you are truly a serious potential buyer and are currently financially qualified to purchase the property in the very near future, please contact Lawrence Wollersheim (contact info below,) to set up a on-site viewing of this property. Please note that because we have a tenant in the property we can only show it to financially qualified individuals Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday or Sunday between 12:30 pm and 4:30 pm and we need to give our tenant 24 hour advance notice of any showing.
For any other questions about this property also please contact:
Lawrence Wollersheim
Executive Director and Property Manager
for Universe Spirit
Cell 775-338-3578